Gemini: Love & Relationships

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5/21 - 6/21
Week starting from February 9  

Weekly Love

It's wise to start slow this week when it comes to romance. You might not be quite clear on what you want -- or your desires may bump up against someone else's. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are much better suited to meetings of the minds, heart-to-hearts and all manner of sweet connections. Do be aware that your light banter may be hitting them hard -- be clear about relationships and what they mean, for their sake! And for best romantic results this weekend, replace your usual laissez-faire, free-form approach with close observation, analysis and understanding.

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The pressure eases, which means you can slow it down to a steady crawl -- which suits your tyke. Finish up one or two of the hundred projects you've started, then schedule a night out with a gal pal. You've earned it.



How's your health? Today's energy gives you bonus insight into the workings of your body and mind, so it's the perfect time to decide on a new, healthier lifestyle or just to get a checkup.



Overindulgence may have you concerned about your health today. A cleansing period may be in order, so start by drinking plenty of green tea and purified water. Lots of fresh vegetables and fruits and whole grains will also help flush your system. That should get you back on the straight and narrow.



Your best outfit involves a pair of yoga pants and your most comfortable t-shirt. It's time to indulge your spiritual side and clear your mind, so seek out activities that'll give you the time and space to do just that.