Gemini: Love & Relationships

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5/21 - 6/21
Week starting from February 16  

Weekly Love

Good thing you're so quick-witted, because at the beginning of this week, life and love are all over the place! Stay extra, super on top of it, and you'll be able to track down what (or is that who?) you need, cut through any bull, and develop a better, sweeter understanding. Your best days for romance -- perhaps even handed to you silver-platter style -- come on Thursday and Friday. And though you're certainly looking hot, it's those wits that make you a true standout. Be smart! Be sexy! Just be wary of anything moving too quickly this weekend -- your life, your pace.

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Your little one loves to hear the same stories over and over -- and over again. Your active mind needs something new, but the repetition is necessary for them to learn. You can always read and watch TV at the same time later.



Help someone out today -- even if they don't really deserve it. You still get something good back from the universe when you extend your energy out in new directions, and that is certainly worthwhile.



Strong powers of observation should tell you which situations to avoid today. If you see nothing but exceptionally unhealthy-looking people gorging on greasy, trans-fat laden meals at the fast food joint, the clear choice will be to run for the nearest salad bar.



What you, worry? Not a chance! You're headed toward a positively flirtatious evening. Just dab on some shimmery gloss, a whisper of glowing bronzer and don your sexiest micro-mini. Then, go out and have some fun!