Gemini: Love & Relationships

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5/21 - 6/21
Week starting from March 2  

Weekly Love

Do what you do best when it comes to romance at the beginning of the week -- reach out! Overtures you make now are smiled on by the stars, and hopes realized are right at your fingertips. But starting sometime Tuesday, it's time to assess -- or reassess, as the case may be. Instead of adding more to your love life equation, break it down into basics and see what you see. You can get back to being outgoing (and, bonus, super hot!) around Thursday and Friday, when you're the life of any party and maybe even more fun one-on-one. This weekend, beware of jealousy -- it doesn't become you.

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The kiddo needs to attempt something new every once in a while, lest they get into a bit of a rut. And you're definitely in a mood to stray from the comfort zone. Pack up the little one and do something spontaneous, just you two.



Something is harder than it ought to be -- and you're not really sure how to handle it. Try to just kick back and watch for a bit. If you've got the luxury of time, you should see a new approach soon.



You'll feel tougher than nails, especially if you have any big negotiations to get through today. Soften your mood after work with a little traditional gelato. Sweet hazelnut cream will lighten your mood and help remind you that life is good.



Get to the point: As soon as you walk into a store, tell the salesperson what you're looking for. If you have a hair appointment, tell the stylist what you want -- and what you hate. You don't have time to beat around the bush.