Gemini: Love & Relationships

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5/21 - 6/21
Week starting from April 6  

Weekly Love

Heat things up on Monday! You've got even greater propensity towards flirting than normal now, but over the next couple of days, you might be more introverted. Some you-time is in order now, whether you're working out or vegging out (preferably a bit of both). You're back in the mood for interaction starting Thursday, if the stars have their say. If a certain someone can get your mental wheels turning, it's highly likely that they'll get your heart pounding, too -- smart is sexy! And warning: Before you take some romantic advice this weekend, consider the source.

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You're so hard-working these days, you might surprise yourself with what you're able to accomplish. And someone at work will notice, too, which is a nice bonus. Speaking of which, this might be the day to ask for a raise if you're due.



Other people are making life a little harder now -- so see if you can get them to chill out. If not, you've just got to accept that today is a slow slog through difficult terrain. It gets better soon!



Is there a hidden agenda just now surfacing at work? You may have suspected it all along. This revelation will change the way you do things today. Lunch, for example, may need to be a quick sub from around the corner instead of a full hour affair.



Curb your beauty expenditures: Buff your own nails and skip the manicure. Buy a pair of high-quality tweezers instead of paying someone to pluck your brows. Hand-wash anything that doesn't absolutely need to be dry-cleaned.