Gemini: Love & Relationships

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5/21 - 6/21

2014: Gemini Love


Your love life takes a destined turn this year, Gemini. The North Node will move into your house of love and romance this February and spend the remainder of the year there. The desire for partnership could feel surprisingly overwhelming, turning your free-spirited ways upside down. If you're already committed, this could be a renaissance in your relationship where pleasure and romance become the essentials. If you're still a free agent, you may be shocked by your sudden need to go straight from dating to mating. In any case, this year promises to bring serious lessons in love and partnering. You're about to learn the whole art of compromise and putting the needs of your beloved before your own when necessary. The whole give-and-take balance can be a tricky issue, but if anyone can master and juggle the impossible, it's you Gemini.

Commitment is a theme in all areas of your life in 2014, and romance is no exception. Saturn is asking you to get serious about your sexuality and how you direct your life force in general. As much as you love to flit and flirt, you'll gain more if you go deeper with just one person. Even if this feels like it goes against your fickle essence, you'll be surprised at how satisfying and fulfilling it can be to just stick it out even when the going gets tough or the tough gets boring. The bigger rewards come from staying put and working through the rough patches rather than jumping ship and looking for something lighter and easier. Although that may prove to be an alluring quick fix, in your heart of hearts some part of you knows that it's just another escape hatch and will only leave you lonely in the end. Try not to give in to what's comfortable this year because the real magic happens when you go beyond what's familiar and safe.

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The kiddo needs to attempt something new every once in a while, lest they get into a bit of a rut. And you're definitely in a mood to stray from the comfort zone. Pack up the little one and do something spontaneous, just you two.



Something is harder than it ought to be -- and you're not really sure how to handle it. Try to just kick back and watch for a bit. If you've got the luxury of time, you should see a new approach soon.



You'll feel tougher than nails, especially if you have any big negotiations to get through today. Soften your mood after work with a little traditional gelato. Sweet hazelnut cream will lighten your mood and help remind you that life is good.



Get to the point: As soon as you walk into a store, tell the salesperson what you're looking for. If you have a hair appointment, tell the stylist what you want -- and what you hate. You don't have time to beat around the bush.