Leo: Career & Finance

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7/23 - 8/22
Week starting from June 15  

Weekly Career

Monday's a good time to analyze recent successes and do a postmortem on projects that have gotten suboptimal results. Then, on Tuesday and Wednesday, pieces fall easily into place for you; suddenly resources that were in doubt are available, and formerly reluctant key players are dying to help. Beware of maneuvering that could be occurring behind your back or behind the scenes at the workweek's end; an up-front question or two can go a long way toward getting everyone on the same page. This weekend, you're telling it like it is with spectacular results.

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As a big kitty you're often too proud to ask for help. But this is one of those days when it would be nice to not have to do it all yourself. Don't question a friend's motives in doing you this favor; just say thanks.



You've got to look at things more intensely today -- a superficial glance isn't nearly enough to make a difference. Once you've gotten to the bottom of it all, things start to make a lot more sense.



Read the labels on packages and look past marketing buzzwords. Hidden fats and sugars in 'healthy' snacks like frozen yogurt and granola bars add up quickly. Stick to unprocessed whole foods like vegetables, fruit and nuts when you snack.



Whether you're embracing your sexy, outer adult tonight with heels, hot pants and a halter top or honoring your inner child with bubblegum gloss, Bobby socks and bowling, enjoy the mood!