Leo: Career & Finance

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7/23 - 8/22

2014: Leo Career


You're the golden child in 2014, Leo! This is your year to make your next big mark on the world and take your rightful spot in the spotlight. Everything you've been working on for the past 12 years is ready for the pay-off zone! You'll feel a colossal boost in status kick-in starting in July when Jupiter enters your stars. This is a time when you've got luck on your side. Expansion and risk-taking are favored because you've got the support of guardian angel planet surrounding you with blissful fortune and divine protection. If you've been playing small in any way with your career, you'll quickly see how crazy and out of touch that mentality is with your true potential. You were born for greatness and the fiery side of your personality is dying to blaze its own trail this year. Don't wait around for permission from another. You're the leader of the pack; it's just a matter of stepping into those bigger shoes. Courage is your middle name now.

Travel becomes an important component in furthering your career this year. You're ready to expand your kingdom. Don't turn down any opportunities for travel. You'll be astonished at how many connections you make just by traveling abroad under the strong Jupiter influence. It's as though your luck doubles just by crossing the pond. Plus, the wanderlust is so overwhelming it will make it hard to stay focused on work when confined to a limited setting. This is the year to expand your personal and professional horizons (and the two are interchangeable).

Communication is a key theme in your career as the Nodes of Fate move into your mental zones early in the year. You'll be called to pay attention to the way you put yourself out into the world via social networking sites, email, websites, blogs, etc. Your image in the world of social media plays a huge part in taking you to the next level with your professional reputation. Choose every word, photo and message with utmost care. The social media world is paying close attention to your every move. Ban those drunken party photos from your newsfeed!

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