Leo: Love & Relationships

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7/23 - 8/22

Monthly Love

You might want to consider working on developing your own awareness of your feelings on the 1st and 2nd. After all, if you've trained yourself to always go with the flow, you might not recognize a small problem until it's gotten to be a big problem. Getting in touch with what you feel and when and how is already going to be having a pretty awesome impact on your relations with others on the awfully-romantic 6th and 7th. They just can't believe how great you are! And you trust your feelings about them, too. Why stay on the surface, when you find someone you're gaga about? The 13th and 14th are days to really get deep as you get to know each other better. Money can't buy you love, but it can buy a really great vegan dinner. Just make sure you can really afford it before you book a table for two on the 19th, 20th or 21st. Try not to show-off more than necessary on the 26th. Try something really new, when it comes to your emotional life on the 31st. Maybe it's time to trust in an all-new way?

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It's best to act on instinct today. Listen to your intuition when it tells you whether a financial matter is a go. You'll also know what's right to say when the tyke asks about the birds and the bees.



Now is the time to listen to your heart -- it can't steer you wrong, Of course, if your brain agrees then you're sure to move quickly, but if there's a conflict, it's the emotional component that takes priority.



Neither a borrower nor lender be -- those are words to live by. Fighting about money owed is the root of many a derailed friendship, so don't even go there. If you must give or receive, make it about food. This way if you owe a friend lunch you can repay by making him the best roast beef and swiss sub that he's ever had.



Don't waste money and throw away a good item just because it's temporarily out of order. If a pump is clogged, a nail polish cap is stuck or a bottle of your favorite product won't open, let hot water flow over it for a few seconds and voila! It's fixed!