Leo: Love & Relationships

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7/23 - 8/22
Week starting from February 2  

Weekly Love

Be intrepid when it comes to romance as the week gets going! The stars reward your spirit of adventure. If you're single, check out local events, do the online thing and get yourself out there; if you're coupled up, it's time to go out on an emotional limb and get to the next level! But beware around Wednesday and Thursday: What (or is it someone who?) seems clear-cut has a lot more to it. On Friday and over the weekend, it's all about friends -- or the friendship element of your significant relationship. Plan some bonding activities and cozy fun.

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You're feeling very spirited today -- to the tyke's delight! Take even the most humdrum activities and make them fun. Why does folding laundry have to be a chore? Get creative with it and you may find a very happy little helper will join you.



Romance is charging up in your life right now, so make the most of it and enjoy what you've got. If you're single, now is definitely the time to get out there and show off for the right people!



You've the ability to magnify any story, and fish tales are your specialty. So go with that theme tonight, and invite friends to dinner. They'll be skeptical when you tell them you caught and filleted the swordfish steaks you'll serve, but they won't say anything as long as you keep the food coming.



Resist the urge to return to past style and beauty choices. Sure, that old 'do might be comforting in its familiarity, but you'll ultimately be happier if you continue to evolve into something even better.