Leo: Love & Relationships

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7/23 - 8/22
Week starting from July 13  

Weekly Love

Romance is in the stars right off the bat this week, with Monday and Tuesday looking pretty sweet for those of the leonine kind -- and those lucky enough to be their companions. Lose any post-weekend weariness and have some one-on-one fun. Watch the ego midweek -- all this attention could go to your pretty head, so be sure to roar a little about someone else instead. By Friday and through the weekend, it's more glory in the love department. Make it even better by devising a date that's unprecedented -- and unforgettable.

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It's tempting to toss the agenda today, as the schedule seems to confining. Stay on track as much as you can and keep your cool. Look for creative outlets, such making some new throw pillows to spruce up your child's room.



Your great energy is manifesting in a new sense of fun and adventure, so take off somewhere new and show the world what you've got. Things are really taking off for you now, so enjoy!



You'll go in search of excitement today, but don't expect to find it with the more staid among your friends. You may have to create your own fun. Fly solo and have dinner at a boisterous German brauhaus. Who knows, over bratwurst, sauerkraut and a few schooners of weissbier, new friendships may be forged.



Those kernels of fashion ideas are about to grow much bigger. So if you've been thinking about splurging on pricey grown-up jeans or finding out how you'd look as a blond, now's the time to take action.