Leo Horoscope

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7/23 - 8/22
Week starting from April 27  

Weekly Overview

Taking things at face value means you're only getting part of the story, especially as this week gets going. Moreover, once you start to dig in -- finding more info, asking more questions (some of yourself) -- you'll find you're really involved with and invested in the learning process. Then around Thursday and Friday, you'll learn most and feel best by staying low-key. Don't overdo it -- going to extremes won't get you where you wanna be. Some amped-up brainpower this weekend will definitely help you on your way, though. Enjoy the trip while anticipating the destination!

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A high-energy day lies ahead for you and your little tyke. Just make sure to not hold them too closely at the day care door, lest you send them off all out of breath. You'll see each other again soon enough.



Sparks fly at work, school or some other public venue when you and a colleague clash over something that starts out small but builds until it seems to consume your world. Live the drama!



You'll be called upon to come up with good solutions to a myriad of problems today. You'll relish this responsibility. Speaking of relish, avoid eating those hot dogs as a quick afternoon pick-me-up. Something with a better nutritional profile will really make your mind and stomach feel a lot better in the long run.



You can wear any shade of makeup you want -- even the most shocking -- as long as you remember to blend. If you're in doubt about the final effect, ask your roommate or a good friend check your work.