Leo Horoscope

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7/23 - 8/22
Week starting from November 2  

Weekly Overview

Things may not be as they seem on Monday. On the surface, everyone is happy and getting along just fine, but dig a little and you'll find a different story. You're smart enough not to take things at face value. (You're also smart enough to be on the lookout for anyone who might have a private agenda midweek.) Friday and Saturday, you're going to be distracted from the giddy whirl that is your social life by a sudden surge in romantic energy. Someone really likes you. And they have something genuine to tell you. Listen.

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Hobnobbing with business types boosts your confidence. And gets you thinking about possible profitable directions to take. While you're mulling it over, your kiddo will profit from a trip to the park to catch some falling leaves.



Your sweeter, more romantic side is making someone's life a little better today, so indulge it as much as you can. Flowers, chocolate, candlelit dinners -- go all out to make the night special.



Your imaginative fire will be lit by the creative spirits all around you. Don't be fooled into thinking that you have to work through your lunch hour, either. A break at meal time is just what you need to replenish your spirit.



Frivolous purchases are only going to cause you anxiety now. So unless you absolutely need that bejeweled headband, flavored lip gloss or pair of novelty socks, put it back. You'll have plenty of time for silliness and frivolity later.