Libra: Career & Finance

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9/23 - 10/22
Week starting from January 26  

Weekly Career

Monday is a day taken straight from a movie about the corporate world: the meetings, the bar graphs in the conference room, the way people are dressed. Meanwhile, you're weighing the benefits of stinginess against the benefits of generosity, and your conclusions are surprising you. Share what you're thinking on Tuesday and Wednesday, even if what you have to say cuts against the general thinking around the office; in fact, if that's the case, all the better. Thursday and Friday find you asserting yourself very little, what with a heap of personal distractions filling your thought bubbles.

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Although you may not like it, you should set some limits with your baby. They may be feeling spry enough to scale the tippy chair. Make sure you let them know this is not going to happen, especially on your watch.



You are dealing with something from your past today -- it could be almost anything, from an old flame to childhood anxiety to last week's deadline extension. There's no running this time.



Lately there has been an imbalance between your work and home life. Instead of immediately rushing to find ways to fix it, sit back and observe your patterns instead. If you do decide you need to take action, do something simple and see how it feels. Take a long lunch -- or just make sure you take a lunch break, period!



Respecting yourself means presenting your best self to the world. Don't leave the house with ragged cuticles, chipped toenails, two-inch roots or lipstick on your teeth! Make sure every part of you is perfectly groomed.