Libra: Career & Finance

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9/23 - 10/22
Week starting from March 23  

Weekly Career

Be proactive about maintaining motivation and a positive outlook at the beginning of this week -- and if your current role just isn't cutting it in these areas, it's time to look elsewhere. Know when to cut your losses, overall or in discrete situations. Around Thursday and Friday, the cosmic energy's much better and it's giving any new plans or kickoffs an extra boost. A little extra thought on your part yields exponential improvements. This weekend calls for some mellow downtime, so don't fill your planner with too many social events or work obligations.

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It's a toss-up who's more curious about the world around them today -- you or the tyke. Their inquisitive nature will lead them to find out something they've been wondering about. Yours may bring you to ask probing questions of a close friend.



Go in deeper today -- things aren't quite as satisfying on the surface just now. You may learn all sorts of neat stuff about yourself or your people, and the future looks brighter as a result.



Recent overspending may have stretched your budget thin, so high-priced lunches at fancy bistros may be out of the question for a while. Packing a lunch may seem like a lot of work to you, but you'll soon appreciate simple meals like healthy tuna sandwiches and fruit. You may even lose a few pounds.



You're positively irresistible -- make style choices that'll show it off. Spritz on that perfume your honey loves, for example, or bust out the little black dress you save for the most special occasions!