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9/23 - 10/22

2014: Libra Career


Your career continues to explode off the charts, Libra! Lucky Jupiter started bringing you the goods for success, opportunities galore and perhaps even a bit of fame. This awesome abundance continues in 2014 -- especially during the first half of the year. Ride the wave of fabulousness, dear. You so deserve it! Some may have accused you of being lazy in the past, but your own sweet rhythm gets the job done in your own time. Others are finally starting to see that you work quietly behind the scenes in your own relaxed but productive fashion. You just don't appear as stressed out as others. But now you're ready to put yourself out there and on the map in a major way.Saturn continues to teach you some powerful lessons around money and value. Consider him your ally not your enemy because you are totally starting to see how important it is to create a budget and stick to it in order to take your dreams and goals to the next notch. Saturn is helping you to restructure the way you work with money in general, and allowing you not to waste your time or resources -- and that's worth a million, Libra! The key is to make sure you're only spending time and money on things you deem precious in your life. Make a list of your values and then make a list of where you money is going and see if these things line up. If not, make any necessary adjustments throughout the course of 2014 and you'll adore the results!

Overall, the career outlook could not look better for you this year, Libra. You're totally on top of your game and being recognized for the beauty you bring into the world of others. All of your hard work over the past 12 years is paying off. In July, your career focus will shift toward long-term goals. If you haven't already, make a list of everything you would like to achieve in your career over the next 5 to 10 years. If that feels too far into the future, do it anyway. You'll be amazed at how it puts your current plans and priorities into proper perspective.

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It may be a day for catch up, both on the job and off. Tackle all those loose ends on your many projects. You'll be glad you did once this busy day ends, although the kiddo may have a hard time keeping up!



You need to stick to the program -- until you just can't anymore. Today is all about interruptions, and it's only frustrating for a little while before it starts to get funny. Enjoy the aftermath!



You've got a lot to do, and you need the right kind of food to help you power through all those tasks today and tomorrow. Eat lightly and healthfully at lunch. Grill up a dozen big, fat prawns and serve them with a light garlic sauce, couscous and salad and you'll end the day in grand style!



You can't look your best until you feel your best -- and you can't feel your best without a solid but realistic fitness routine. This is the place to spend your money. Hire a good trainer, buy the proper gear and eat the best food possible. Quality in, quality out.