Libra: Love & Relationships

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9/23 - 10/22

Monthly Love

It's hard to be super romantic when you are feeling sluggish, sleepy and maybe ever so slightly like you might have stayed too long at the (admittedly, super-fun) party. So if you wake up with a case of the 'blehs' on the 1st, don't try to force yourself to be all smoochy and snuggly and poetry-reciting. Let your love bug know you'll do all that stuff later, when you've caught up on your sleep. If you don't have a love bug, currently, then your unfettered ability to hit the hay and catch some z's constitutes a major silver lining! Things are nice and romantic on the 3rd and 4th. Awesome. Think hard about some of your love-liaisons in the past years on the 9th, 10th and 11th. Have they been alike in any way? Different? Any patterns? Do something lovely for someone on the 14th, 15th or 16th. Don't overcharge your credit card buying electronics, or buy a really expensive outfit to wear on an imaginary date, or book tickets to someplace you really can't afford to go, or do anything else to damage your finances on the 20th. (Avoidable bad credit isn't romantic). Dance on the 22nd and 23rd. Yes! With them in your arms! Romance is there for the taking on the 30th and 31st.

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It's a toss-up who's more curious about the world around them today -- you or the tyke. Their inquisitive nature will lead them to find out something they've been wondering about. Yours may bring you to ask probing questions of a close friend.



Go in deeper today -- things aren't quite as satisfying on the surface just now. You may learn all sorts of neat stuff about yourself or your people, and the future looks brighter as a result.



Recent overspending may have stretched your budget thin, so high-priced lunches at fancy bistros may be out of the question for a while. Packing a lunch may seem like a lot of work to you, but you'll soon appreciate simple meals like healthy tuna sandwiches and fruit. You may even lose a few pounds.



You're positively irresistible -- make style choices that'll show it off. Spritz on that perfume your honey loves, for example, or bust out the little black dress you save for the most special occasions!