Libra: Love & Relationships

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9/23 - 10/22
Week starting from December 7  

Weekly Love

Something -- or someone -- is conspiring to upset the romantic balance as the week gets going. You can let it send you into a tailspin, or you can take care of business in other areas for the time being -- your choice. Then on Thursday and Friday, everything seems extreme! Life and love are wonderful; no, wait, they're terrible; but hold on. The truth lies somewhere in between, and if you locate it, you can begin to move events in a positive direction. And speaking of a positive direction, the stars are pointing you that way this weekend as well. Bonus: Love is in the air!

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There are so many items you want to cross off the to-do list. And your kiddo won't mind sticking to current projects today. Leave the big new ventures -- a big puppet show or a fancy dress-up party -- for another day.



You've got to deal with some important business today -- so pay attention and make sure that you're on top of your game. Things may get awkward midday, but you can get it together quickly.



Look for changes to happen in your life today. They may not be monumental, but they could go a long way to affecting how you see yourself. One step on the scale will tell you that your diet is working, and suddenly all that discipline will taste sweeter than a pound of chocolate.



Sometimes, infusing a little glamor into your day to day wardrobe just feels right. Luxurious fabrics like silk or cashmere, glittering baubles (whether real or fake) and a tailored look will take your style to another level.