Libra Horoscope

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9/23 - 10/22
Week starting from March 23  

Weekly Overview

You're flooded with thoughts of the past on Monday. You may be thinking about world history or about personal history -- whatever the case, you're sentimental about it. Chalk up the bummer feeling to the emotional vicissitudes of everyday life. And chalk this up to the same: Tuesday and Wednesday are nothing but fun. Good times and great conversations. On Thursday and Friday, you're inundated with work projects. Getting as much done as possible before the weekend is smart. Saturday and Sunday, you'll want to spend all your time staring into someone's eyes.

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You just have to get the word out today, either through email, phone or meeting. But your message may not be as well received as you wish. Keep your cool and be tactful, and you'll soon bring others around to your point of view.



Your energy feels a bit constrained -- so explore your options. You may have more possibilities open to you than you realize, and that could mean that you're well on your way to a new life!



Today is not a day to explore high ideas or intellectual concepts -- you'll have a tendency to overanalyze pretty simple things. Case in point: breakfast. Don't debate the merits of quinoa porridge or whether or not to toast your steel cut oats and polenta. Just make it, eat it and enjoy it!



Safety first! Your challenge now isn't to be extra careful with scissors or watch for patches of ice (although those aren't bad ideas) -- no, play it safe when it comes to wacky fashions and questionable accessories.