Libra Horoscope

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9/23 - 10/22
Week starting from August 24  

Weekly Overview

You'll know there's something amiss if you're doing all the talking as the week gets going. Draw them out with an unusual question or two -- you'll learn more, and the relationship (whatever it is) will grow. You can definitely see both sides of a situation around Wednesday and Thursday, which is a plus -- until it comes to making a decision. Consult someone you trust. The way to smooth your life path through the remainder of the week is to help others. Go out of your way -- it's a delay that's more rewarding than hurrying forward with your own agenda.

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You may have to accept the perfection in imperfection today, at least around home base. The mess the kiddo and pals create is unavoidable, so enjoy them. Your partner makes some amorous moves later -- which is perfect.



Depression may or may not be a part of your core identity, but today's mood seems to pull you down a little. Don't give up! It's just temporary and sometimes the depths yield great insights.



Watch your bottom line today. If that means your bank account, it should be easier. If, however, that means your cholesterol level, you may want to back away from the fish and chips and embrace the lemon-grilled salmon steaks instead.



Confidence is great, but don't let it get the best of you. Some tasks -- radical dye jobs, tricky esthetic treatments, complicated tailoring -- are best left to the professionals. Know your limits. You could end up doing more harm.