Libra Horoscope

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9/23 - 10/22
Week starting from August 24  

Weekly Overview

You'll know there's something amiss if you're doing all the talking as the week gets going. Draw them out with an unusual question or two -- you'll learn more, and the relationship (whatever it is) will grow. You can definitely see both sides of a situation around Wednesday and Thursday, which is a plus -- until it comes to making a decision. Consult someone you trust. The way to smooth your life path through the remainder of the week is to help others. Go out of your way -- it's a delay that's more rewarding than hurrying forward with your own agenda.

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It may be a day for catch up, both on the job and off. Tackle all those loose ends on your many projects. You'll be glad you did once this busy day ends, although the kiddo may have a hard time keeping up!



You need to stick to the program -- until you just can't anymore. Today is all about interruptions, and it's only frustrating for a little while before it starts to get funny. Enjoy the aftermath!



You've got a lot to do, and you need the right kind of food to help you power through all those tasks today and tomorrow. Eat lightly and healthfully at lunch. Grill up a dozen big, fat prawns and serve them with a light garlic sauce, couscous and salad and you'll end the day in grand style!



You can't look your best until you feel your best -- and you can't feel your best without a solid but realistic fitness routine. This is the place to spend your money. Hire a good trainer, buy the proper gear and eat the best food possible. Quality in, quality out.