Pisces: Career & Finance

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2/19 - 3/20

Monthly Career

Nobody ever said it was going to be easy-as-pie to work with a partner, so if a few issues come up on the 1st or 2nd, you definitely should avoid feeling like this is weird or that it has only ever happened to you. Instead, breathe deeply, go to yoga, talk it over with a few trusted confidantes, then confront the issue, head-on. Be cool, be calm; communicate. It could turn out that the whole thing was one big misunderstanding. Ah! Somebody makes something a heck of a lot easier for you on the 7th and 8th. Isn't that sweet? Thank them! The news you get on the 11th and 12th is so great, it might feel like it's almost too much to take in all at once. Go for a walk and let it sink in. Yes, it really is true! Yes! Yes! Yes! Give romance priority over work on the 16th and 17th. Some excellent developments propel you along on the 21st and 22nd. Keep going, even if you're a little sleepy! (Then take a nap.) Be critical on the 26th and 27th. Stay alert on the 30th. You'll catch whatever it is that's amiss, and be stronger, for it.

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This is no day to be wishy-washy. Someone you know owes you, either cash or a favor. A friend asks some hard questions which helps you get clear. It's time to speak up and get what's due you, so why delay?



You may feel like a doormat -- but others see you as a saint! Your energy is actually better than you think it is, and you can offer more to the outside word while still retaining your dignity.



Recent romantic developments may have your head in the clouds, but don't let your emotions throw the rest of your life into upheaval. Wanton eating -- or no eating -- may give you temporary satisfaction, but the indigestion later will make you regret your actions. Be sensible. Have some toast and soup!



If you find yourself torn between an array of shoes, sweaters and skirts, do yourself a favor and opt for something classic, simple and modest. Make a splash in your own conservative, yet unique way.