Pisces: Career & Finance

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2/19 - 3/20
Week starting from April 6  

Weekly Career

You've got paradigm-changing energy and the selling power to give it legs on Monday and Tuesday. Reschedule the day-to-day tasks and slot in brainstorming and face-time with key players. Don't overlook the casual lunch option. Then clarity's elusive over the next couple days. Taking a strong stand when things are in flux? Not a great tactic and not your style -- don't start now. Your calculations and extrapolations on Friday and this weekend give you better insight -- and an idea for an experiment. Go ahead and test it out.

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You want to help as many people as possible today. If you look, you'll find many ways to do exactly that. The little one may point out an amazing opportunity that's been right in front of you all this time.



A dream bears an important message for you, so make sure that you're taking your unconscious life as seriously as anything else. Even if you can't recall every detail, you should still understand.



You may find the culinary habits of some people to be far-fetched and unrealistic. You can't comprehend eating all raw foods or zero meat -- but one visit to a new type of restaurant will tell you how wrong you are. You may find yourself developing a healthy addiction to slow-cooked foods.



What's your top style priority at the moment? Is it being in better shape? Growing out your hair? Or maybe you want to learn to sew. Whatever it is, set mini-goals to help you reach your ultimate ambition.