Pisces: Career & Finance

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2/19 - 3/20
Week starting from September 7  

Weekly Career

It's the dead of summer. The world is warm and flexible. It's also high time you made a few changes. Out with the old, in with the new! You see an unexplored path before you on Monday, and you're going to stick to it. Tuesday and Wednesday, you wish you were as confident about your direction. The path still seems right, but there are so many hills, so many dips and rises, that it can be hard to see very far into the future. On Thursday, trust yourself. You may stray, but you have your cell phone with you and enough instinctive resources to find your way back. Friday is a lucky day.

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You have strong ideas about how the playgroup or day care should be run. Why won't anyone listen to you? You can call upon friends in high places, whether you know it or not. Many voices are stronger than one today.



You've got friends looking out for you -- even when you don't know they're around. You may find a door opening thanks to hidden manipulations; run through it with abandon and don't worry about how it happened!



Friends and coworkers begin to lend a hand on any outstanding projects you may have on your desk. Repay the favor by doing something generous and picking up the check. That's right, take them out and snatch the bill before they can get it. Go on, it won't hurt at all!



Think of your reputation -- your style reputation, that is. If you're known as being particularly well assembled, for example, or as the person with the sassiest 'do in the room, now's not the time to slack in flats and a ponytail.