Pisces: Love & Relationships

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2/19 - 3/20
Week starting from June 8  

Weekly Love

For the first half of the week, you're all sunshine and bubbles, both amusing and amused. Pursue your wildest fantasies, howl from the rooftops and be confident that you're adored by the one you want to be adored by. But resist the temptation to drag others up to your euphoria -- they may not be ready yet. The second half of your week is more circumspect. The more you think about your dreams, the more analytical (and critical) you become. Practice being happy with what you have and excited about what you will have.

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You want to express yourself in the space around you -- at work and at home. Today, take some time to customize your office, to show others the real you. At home, consider adding an accent color to one of the walls in your family room.



You are up in arms over some seeming slight -- but you can take advantage of this by turning it into an opportunity. See if you can change the world for the better because of it. Righteousness has a place in the world too, so make the most of it!



There are so many temptations out there, but you always seem to do the right thing. With a few minor variations, you can turn those temptations into blessings. You can still enjoy a good burger if you substitute beef with lean ground turkey or a veggie patty, although fries are still out of the question.



Is a new salon or boutique opening in your world? Well, someone has to be the first person in your group of friends and acquaintances to try it! Don't be afraid to check out spots that haven't been recommended.