Pisces Horoscope

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2/19 - 3/20
Week starting from February 16  

Weekly Overview

People are crazy. Just when you feel like you and you-know-who are going to take over the world together -- in a peaceful, wonderful way -- they flake out on you. They become distracted. Their reasons may be valid, but the truth remains: If you want something, it's on your own shoulders to make it happen. You can handle that. You have great shoulders. Toward the second half of the week, your resolve strengthens even more, and you take someone who's treating you like a doormat to the curb. You do it smiling. You're a pro. This weekend, things finally start going your way.

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It seems you can do no wrong at work. But your co-workers have your back, just in case you misstep. Make sure to return the favor. Just be sure you're at your desk when your baby calls to have a quick goo goo ga ga.



A coworker lends a hand today -- even if it's their day off or you are actually on the hunt for a new gig. Something they say or do leads the way to something that is much better for both of you.



If you find yourself struggling for direction now, look out for a new mentor who may be subtly offering you a path. Also look for subtler flavors, like that of ripe spring nectarines and savory steamed asparagus, instead of indulging in fatty or white sugar-laden foods.



You're getting a fresh fashion slate, so don't rush into any potentially questionable decisions that could ruin it this early in the game! Are you sure you want your only winter coat to be purple and green leopard-print?