Sagittarius: Career & Finance

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11/22 - 12/21
Week starting from February 2  

Weekly Career

Monday's all about the creative aspects of your work. Even if it's just crafting a convincing email, you're all over it. Around Tuesday and Wednesday, fielding that emergency request or stepping in at the last minute may be a hassle, but this is the stuff that loyalty's made of. The end of the workweek also looks a bit frantic, but at least you're in high demand -- and there's some big-picture stuff to engage your brain too. As far as the weekend goes, keep your work and play schedules loose, and let your mood dictate what you do.

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Money matters -- a lot -- today. Your partner may be more worried than you, as you know the basics are covered. And with your ingenuity, you can also swing that special toy your little one can't live without.



Your way with words is a real boon right now, so make sure that you're using them carefully. Don't hold back anything original or unusual, as people have come to expect the unexpected from you.



Even if you're trying to stick to a budget, don't scrimp too much on the simple pleasures of the day. If you brown-bag it, pack a delicious sandwich of basil, mozzarella di bufala and heirloom tomato on herbed focaccia. Why default to bologna if you can eat like that?



Stick to simple but effective beauty treatments, products you know and love and hairstyles that can't go too far wrong. These days, even the directions on the hair-dye box will read like a foreign language!