Sagittarius: Career & Finance

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11/22 - 12/21
Week starting from February 9  

Weekly Career

Time off, flex time or working from home is best on Monday -- the less structure you're subject to, the better off you'll be. And if you've got playing catch-up to do, Tuesday and Wednesday find you motivated and inspired. Get through the same-old so you can get to some high-concept stuff. Your career path is highlighted now; where are you headed? If you've got a promotion, raise or pet project on your mind, work on it now or wait a few days -- from Thursday through Saturday, details are elusive and others are less than receptive.

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The tyke will love your playful mood today! Time for some hijinks at the breakfast table, or some gentle teasing in the park. Then channel that energy into a romantic evening with the other half after lights out.



Your deep and abiding friendship with someone brings you extra benefits today -- so make sure that they get your appreciation! It's a good time for you to remind yourself of all that you're grateful for.



Today you'll be extra thankful for the power and value of good friends, so do something special for them tonight. A home-cooked meal is always fun, and dinner featuring a big pot of chili and a few beers will bring every together. Even if you don't want to formally say grace, give thanks silently before you eat.



Break out of a homogenous rut! Who says you can't mix gold and silver accessories, or that your shoes, belt and bag must all be the same hue? In fact, your look will be a lot more fun and successful if you shake it up.