Sagittarius: Career & Finance

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11/22 - 12/21
Week starting from March 2  

Weekly Career

You're a font of information and original ideas as the week begins. The tedious day-to-day catch-up and wait might seem like pure procrastination, but you'd be wise to seize this creative energy while you've got it. And around Wednesday and Thursday, your energy is (conveniently) well-suited to plowing through email, getting ducks in a row and sticking with the plan. Show how reliable you are. Then you should be able to keep your schedule flexible from Friday through the weekend. Your best work might be done at odd hours now.

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Your latest project is moving along well, which scores you points at work. Although you may encounter a few blocks today, the way lies clear to the next level. Stay focused and you'll soon see the end zone.



Your direct manner is both shocking and approachable -- people know just what they're getting from you. Don't hold back, and try not to let anyone off the hook if they say or do anything dumb.



When approached with a new idea or project today, you may be surprised at your own conservative reaction. The same thing goes for dinner, when you might turn up your nose at a sundried pesto in favor of a basic marinara. Go for what works for you with gusto.



Avoid hitching your beauty wagon to someone else's -- you'll be better off flying solo for now. If you leave the spa arrangements to a pal, for example, you could end up getting every treatment you didn't want.