Sagittarius: Career & Finance

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11/22 - 12/21
Week starting from November 23  

Weekly Career

People driving you crazy on Monday and Tuesday? Ignore them. Sometimes people set their sights on a person like you, a person who's making incredible progress, and stick their foot out into your path. Don't fall for that. Don't even let it get to you. Wednesday through Friday, organize your days so you're only around the people who love you -- which is a large and growing contingent. You have a better sense of where the group is going than most members of it do. Maybe even a better sense than your bosses do. Perhaps a promotion is around the corner.

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Today is all about sharing hopes and wishes. Get the ball rolling by confiding yours to the kids. Then hear them out, and show them the way to making them come true. Be ready for the shower of kisses and hugs that results.



A dream bearing a significant message comes your way tonight -- so do what you can to remember it! Keep a journal by the bed or just let the information soak into your subconscious.



You may want to be alone today, but that's going to be tough to swing. Dealing with coworkers and friends may be demanding, but you can do it. Then you can seclude yourself at home, curl up with a bag of popcorn topped with Parmesan, and watch a weeper on DVD.



As the day winds down, you'll have better luck finding exactly what you want. And why shouldn't you? The only limits are the ones you create yourself.