Sagittarius: Love & Relationships

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11/22 - 12/21
Week starting from March 2  

Weekly Love

You can definitely make a new start in your love life at the start of the week, whether it's in an existing relationship or in terms of something new! Use your imagination now -- you can deal with the more concrete stuff around Wednesday, when digging into the details is favored. You just might discover something very interesting now, and it may seem small at first. Beginning later on Thursday and lasting through the weekend, don't ignore it if you're not seeing eye to eye. It's an opportunity to explore, learn and maybe make a choice.

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It's okay to step back and take things in from the sidelines today. Not even you can be the life of the party 24/7! Draw up a new game plan during the quiet moments, and make to-do lists that will help you make future progress.



You are feeling a bit down today, but not so much that you need special attention or medication. It's just one of those times when your batteries need a recharge before you can get going.



You'll have to multi-task at work today,and look at all pictures from all angles. You'll get lots done, but it'll leave you feeling exhausted. Take time for yourself if you can, and regain your energy with periodic snacks of fruit and nuts and a few cups of soothing green tea.



Slow things down and you may reach your goal faster. Fewer reps with better form will sculpt your muscles more effectively, for example, and staying inside the lines when you paint your nails will minimize lengthy clean-ups!