Sagittarius: Love & Relationships

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11/22 - 12/21
Week starting from March 9  

Weekly Love

Significant relationships are in the stars as the week begins -- past and present, romantic and familial and friendly. There's much to be learned about love now, especially with your questioning, curious outlook. Things get simpler and sweeter around Wednesday and Thursday if the stars have their say; running a bit of a romantic risk may suddenly seem like a no-brainer, and the results could be happier than you'd imagine. Then carve out some solo time over the next couple of days. You're just not much of a people person until Sunday, when reaching out is rewarded big-time.

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Things seem to disappear today. Where exactly did your keys go and where is the shopping list? You might enlist the little one's help in finding these items. Make it a fun game and offer a prize, and who knows?



It's hard to get out of bed today -- do you really have to, or can you just bury yourself under the sheets all day long? If you must face the day, try to put off any appointments until next week.



It'll be hard to get revved up today. You're lucky it's a day when you don't have too many demands on your plate. A general sense of lethargy will keep you from moving too far from home. Order a plain pizza with nothing on it but cheese for dinner. The less adorned, the better today.



Your best instincts tell you it's time to make a major change, but other people might not be so gung-ho. Listen to what your inner voice says. If it's time to get a haircut, then that's what you have to do. Unless your life's in jeopardy, put your wants and needs first.