Sagittarius: Love & Relationships

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11/22 - 12/21

2014: Sagittarius Love


Your friendship and romance zones are getting hit hard by this year's eclipse patterns speeding up your evolution when it comes to understanding the connection between romance and friendship. The key is to put more romance into your friendships and more friendship into your love life in 2014. The North Node of the Moon is putting the emphasis on partnering with your friends. You're being directed to put more energy into understanding the dynamics that help create more balance with friends, colleagues and allies, which may require less energy spent focused on romantic desires and problems. The South Node of the Moon shows what your are releasing, and it will be transiting your zone of romance for most of the year. This doesn't mean you have to kiss your love life goodbye, it just means you'll thrive if you make it less of an obsessive priority than you have in past years. The irony is that the more you focus on your friendships and long-term goals, the better and more spontaneous your love life will be.

Your super-lucky governing planet (Jupiter) continues to grace your sex sector for the first half of 2014. This should bring ample opportunities to express your deepest, sexiest life force. Intimate connections prove to be incredibly nurturing during the first part of the year. The second half of the year brings together travel and romance when Jupiter moves into your sector of long-distance travel. Not only will you have the good graces to roam the globe, but if you're single there's a good chance you could meet someone special along the way.

Saturn, the planet of testing and commitment, continues his tour of your house of dreams, retreat and imagination. This means that you may be craving more intimacy with yourself and your own inner world than getting lost in the needs and dramas of another. Even if you're already entrenched in a serious commitment, you may still be craving more solitude and time to focus inwardly for one more year. You're preparing for an entirely new and improved approach to yourself, life and relationships in general that will kick off in 2015 when Saturn crosses over your sign, Sag.

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