Scorpio: Career & Finance

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10/23 - 11/21
Week starting from April 13  

Weekly Career

You may feel like working as independently as possible at the beginning of the week, but don't overlook the value of consulting those in the know, especially when it comes to decision-making. (And don't forget to give appropriate credit too.) Starting sometime Wednesday, the stars send boundless energy your way; there's some real power for you to tap into now. Keep your main objectives front-of-mind and you'll make big progress. This weekend, skeptical is smart; do some fact checking, background checking and additional research.

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You've been dying to try something new and are willing to take a chance. That oddball fruit or vegetable you've been wanting the family to try? Today is a perfect day to see if they'll bite. Go ahead.



You've got some serious issues brewing in your home base, but every problem has a solution. You should be able to figure it all out if you just face up to whatever the root of the problem is.



Don't let the peace at home be shattered by petty arguments. Life's too short for such nonsense, so be quick to find ways to relate with one another. Do something thoughtful for your mate. Bring her a cup of tea or offer to make dinner and clean up tonight.



Tired of spinning classes? Try West African or belly dancing. You'll get moving and, most importantly, you'll have fun while you're exercising. Who knows? Maybe this will become a permanent part of your routine.