Scorpio: Career & Finance

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10/23 - 11/21
Week starting from May 11  

Weekly Career

The way to win in business as the week begins may be to take a small loss. Giving in on a minor point or conceding a bit of turf can make for overall gains that far outweigh the setback (and you can even get rid of a potential headache). From Wednesday through the end of the workweek, you're a force to be reckoned with. Translating your ideas into brilliant reality is facilitated by the stars. Dream it and do it. If you're working this weekend, be ready to reenvision your tactics and rethink your plan. What's always worked in the past isn't necessarily optimal now.

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You're going to feel quite creative today. Use your talent to encourage the kiddos to do something fun. Begin singing a new song or choreograph a dance or draw with crayons -- let them take it from there.



Your love life is on the upswing today -- so enjoy the good times! Even if you're single, you should hit on a new lead or meet someone new and cute. Chances are you're due for a break!



Romance may be in the air today, so prepare to connect with someone. Dining at a Turkish restaurant could be a fun, low-key first date. Your companion will be impressed with your choice, especially after sampling the tabouli, mercimek kofte, and baba ghanous. And who doesn't love hummus?



Why create more consumer waste? Be creative! If you need to give someone a gift, think about homemade options. Face it -- people really don't need more stuff. How about a dozen of freshly baked cookies or prepare a special batch of rose-infused water?