Scorpio: Career & Finance

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10/23 - 11/21
Week starting from September 7  

Weekly Career

Someone asks you a question on Monday, and although the answer seems obvious -- because it is -- you hesitate before replying. Where does this weird doubt come from? It's a peculiar brand of indecision -- you somehow can't decide how to answer. This may be interpreted by others as an alluring elusiveness. That's not your intention, but strangely enough, by midweek, you realize that coworkers are hanging on your every word. Thursday and Friday, you're more interested in other people's ideas than your own, but don't leave your intuition in the dust. It may be right.

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Your famous magnetism is in high gear, and others gravitate toward you. Use it to help your kiddo make some new friends at day care or the playground. Connecting with the parents means your little one can seal the deal!



Your magnetic personality is pulling even more people into your proximity, and this can only be a good thing. If you need some down time, you are sure to get something more or less like that soon.



You'll be a people magnet and there'll be no shortage of pleasant and engaging company, but be aware of their motives. Are they being friendly because they like your vivacious personality, or because you brought leftover lasagna for lunch again?



Keeping your outfit clean, pressed and eminently tidy is just as important as sporting the hottest colors and latest styles. So make sure to polish away any scuffmarks and smooth every unruly strand of hair.