Scorpio: Love & Relationships

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10/23 - 11/21

Monthly Love

Did the color of their eyes make you stop in your tracks? Was it the way they tossed their head? A pinky? On the 1st or 2nd, a minor detail could be the thing that captures your heart. And yes, this is very, very romantic. Be sure not to let them leave the coffee shop before you've gotten their name and number. If work is driving you crazy on the 6th and 7th, it might be hard for you to really focus on romance. Tell them about what it is that's bothering you, otherwise they could take your distractedness personally. Plus, it's always good to get stuff like your boss's annoying comment off your chest. You two are really on the same page on the intensely romantic 13th and 14th, and you're discovering a host of other tiny details of their person that you absolutely love. On the 19th, 20th or 21st, address a conflict head-on, the 19th. Compromise, for best results, on the 26th. Your intuition tells you they really like you on the 31st. And your intuition is almost always right. What a romantic month it's been!

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Your tyke really could benefit from the wisdom of the elders today. Schedule a stop at the home of an older relative or friend who's in a mood to reminisce. Before you know it the tyke will be eating up the stories of times gone by.



Take a risk! You may not pull it off, but the mere act of pushing your luck is sure to get the attention of the right person or supernatural being. You need to show your fearlessness now.



Reading labels really pays off when you're trying to improve your health. That's when you learn the low fat yogurt you love is packed with sugar, making it the equivalent of ice cream. Remember, the best food are whole foods!



Stay flexible. If your errand-running takes longer than expected and you have to run to dinner, for example, just put on whatever lipstick you have on hand, make a sassy updo with a pencil and don't worry about the rest!