Scorpio: Love & Relationships

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10/23 - 11/21
Week starting from January 26  

Weekly Love

You're extra savvy as the week begins, meaning you're able to perceive the romantic possibilities and figure out just how to act on them. You also know your own mind and are strong-willed -- very attractive qualities to anyone who's worthy of you. Around Thursday, expect questions about your love life -- but how much of the tale you tell is up to you. Then your mysterious allure is given extra power by the stars all weekend long. Whether you're coupled up or looking around, you're enchanting now, so work your unique magic.

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Your career or a side business requires some attention. Partners may be acting erratically, but you can turn anything to your advantage today. Show what a shrewd bargain you can strike, both in business and shopping.



Ambition is the word of the day. You may find that you know what you want much more clearly, and that means you are better able to go for it. Things are sure to work out for you in the long run if you move now.



You'll be a dynamo today with the full approval of your boss. You'll be initiating projects here and following through on deadlines there. Reward yourself later with a dynamic pairing of fresh berries macerated in balsamic vinegar as a topping on vanilla bean ice cream.



You'll have so much fun tackling your to-do list, it won't even feel like you're doing chores. Go ahead and jot down everything, from doing laundry to finding a new button for that shirt you'd almost forgotten about!