Scorpio: Love & Relationships

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10/23 - 11/21
Week starting from June 8  

Weekly Love

Monday is a good day to get what you want. Trust your intuition and your intellect. Tuesday is similar, with the added pleasure of vivid daydreams -- imagine yourself in another country, eating something perfectly spiced, wearing something that brilliantly matches your eyes. When you're startled back into the real world in the middle of the week and looking for something to keep you sane, do something sweet for your sweetie. Then spend the weekend seriously thinking about spending some time with them in that romantic paradise you were daydreaming about on Tuesday.

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This is a better day for planning than for implementing ideas. There's that big birthday party or other project. Maybe just work on figuring logistics for now, and leave the major strategy for later.



You need to figure out whose willpower is the strongest in today's confrontation -- that is who's likeliest to come out ahead. Your good energy gives you an edge, but no guarantees.



There's nothing like the sound of the ice cream truck to bring out the kid in you. No ice cream truck in the neighborhood? Then it's time to head to the store and buy your favorite bar cone or novelty treat. Savor every bite!



Take care of family obligations. Is there someone you haven't connected with in a while? Invite her for a facial or mani-pedi and catch up. If she's long-distance, surprise her with a gift certificate to her local salon.