Scorpio: Love & Relationships

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10/23 - 11/21
Week starting from October 26  

Weekly Love

Upping the ante when it comes to a romantic situation may not be the best course of action at the beginning of the week. Keep the stakes where they are, rather than gambling on something (or someone) you're not too certain about. Around Thursday and Friday, you probably have something sweet up your sleeve, and now your romantic instinct and your timing are just right. As far as the weekend, you could bluff, but does that really get your heart where it wants to be? If love's becoming too much of a game, try putting all your cards on the table.

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Your tyke really could benefit from the wisdom of the elders today. Schedule a stop at the home of an older relative or friend who's in a mood to reminisce. Before you know it the tyke will be eating up the stories of times gone by.



Take a risk! You may not pull it off, but the mere act of pushing your luck is sure to get the attention of the right person or supernatural being. You need to show your fearlessness now.



Reading labels really pays off when you're trying to improve your health. That's when you learn the low fat yogurt you love is packed with sugar, making it the equivalent of ice cream. Remember, the best food are whole foods!



Stay flexible. If your errand-running takes longer than expected and you have to run to dinner, for example, just put on whatever lipstick you have on hand, make a sassy updo with a pencil and don't worry about the rest!