Scorpio: Love & Relationships

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10/23 - 11/21
Week starting from December 21  

Weekly Love

Looking to turn up the heat on your love life? Look no further than your hottest days for love this week -- conveniently enough, they're Friday, Saturday and Sunday. While this gives you plenty of time to plan ahead (do that on Monday and Tuesday), you'll want to leave some wiggle room for the extra special romance-related surprises the stars have in store. Just follow your nose to the right place at the right time. What about Wednesday and Thursday, you say? You're not as outgoing as usual -- just saving it for that right place, right time thing, most likely.

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Someone might try to persuade you to take a financial risk. Fortunately, you're able to instantly spot any flaws in the plan. You save money in other ways, too, like when you talk the tyke into only one candy bar.



Your impulsive side comes to you in a new way today -- and it may cause some financial distress! If you buy something big, try to keep the receipt, as you're likely to want to backtrack soon.



Don't do things today just because everyone else is doing them. You know wanton eating and drinking will catch up to you, so don't let others influence you. That mountain of nachos may look tempting, but order a chicken burrito sans the usual fatty suspects. You'll feel a lot better about yourself.



Beauty isn't easy -- sometimes, you have to make yourself do what you know is best. So drag yourself off the couch to go to the gym and force your hand away from the chips and toward antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies.