Scorpio Horoscope

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10/23 - 11/21
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Monthly Overview

Any good relationship is going to benefit from open communication, from putting your cards on the table, from knowing what you need and expressing that. So on the 1st and 2nd, do just that. If the relationship doesn't get better as a result, then maybe it isn't a relationship you really want to be in. Regardless, keep communicating! By the super-intuitive 6th and 7th, your Spidey-senses are off the charts! You know what you want and how and why and when. Wow! Sometimes doing nothing is the best action to take, and the 15th looks like it's one of those days. You are king or queen of the hill on the 16th and 17th. Your amazing charm and irresistible magnetism make you an astounding phenomenon. And everybody likes it that way. What's in your heart and on your mind on the 22nd and 23rd? You really, really need to tune in to your deepest needs right now. Otherwise, how will you be able to meet them? If you are spoiling for a fight on the 27th, take the afternoon off. Challenge yourself on the 30th.

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Your career or a side business requires some attention. Partners may be acting erratically, but you can turn anything to your advantage today. Show what a shrewd bargain you can strike, both in business and shopping.



Ambition is the word of the day. You may find that you know what you want much more clearly, and that means you are better able to go for it. Things are sure to work out for you in the long run if you move now.



You'll be a dynamo today with the full approval of your boss. You'll be initiating projects here and following through on deadlines there. Reward yourself later with a dynamic pairing of fresh berries macerated in balsamic vinegar as a topping on vanilla bean ice cream.



You'll have so much fun tackling your to-do list, it won't even feel like you're doing chores. Go ahead and jot down everything, from doing laundry to finding a new button for that shirt you'd almost forgotten about!