Scorpio Horoscope

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10/23 - 11/21
Week starting from March 30  

Weekly Overview

You're a bit accident-prone on Monday, so go slowly, be methodical, back your work up and keep track of your keys. You're a force to be reckoned with around Tuesday and Wednesday -- but can you acknowledge your sensitive side along with your strength? Forcefulness is fine if you can also see when to relent and when to be gentle. And while going out on a romantic limb may seem like the normal thing to do around Thursday, don't get carried away. You're far from normal (in a good way!), and your own timing and understanding of matters of the heart will be much better when the weekend comes.

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The urge to renovate the kids' room is overwhelming. Of course, they have their own ideas about how things should go. But their efforts might turn into a project much larger than they anticipate. Keep an eye out.



A family issue needs your help -- so make sure that you're available when things start to heat up. You may not feel totally up for it, but this is one of those situations when you're obliged to help.



You could experience problems with relatives today, particularly if a dinner party is involved. You don't have to invite your raw foodist third cousin to meet your friends, no matter what he thinks. Stick to your guns.



Lately you feel like a butterfly about to leap out of a cocoon, and with good reason -- your style choices continue to evolve. Embrace who you were in the past and be open to who you might become in the future.