Scorpio Horoscope

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10/23 - 11/21
Week starting from December 7  

Weekly Overview

It's no wonder that your mind is a loose collection of images and feelings at the start of the week -- the dreamy quality of the season does that. You have a hard time separating real life and fantasy at this time, which isn't a bad thing. It could become bad, however, in the middle of the week, when you have some serious things to get done. Going for a jog might wake you up a bit to physical reality. Toward the end of the week (Friday and Saturday especially), you will likely go head-to-head with someone over something you don't consider a big deal. It's possible that circumstances beyond your control are stressing other people out.

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Although you may begin the day playing from the sidelines, you're soon in the thick of the action. Some folks with authority have an eye on you, so show what you're made of. And that you're in it to win.



'Intense' is a word people often use to describe you, and today shows how they're right. Your energy is focused like a laser, but it is entirely positive, so don't worry about the consequences.



You'll feel a surge of energy today, like you ate a jar of jalapenos and followed it up with espresso. You didn't of course, but that nutritious breakfast helped you tackle a couple of key items. You can duplicate today's success tomorrow by eating another big breakfast of eggs, turkey sausage, toast and OJ.



If it's not broken, leave it alone. But if it is, today is a great time to spruce up your things and put them back in tip-top shape. So replace that damaged heel, retack those hems or replenish your supply of missing earring backs. Tighten up your situation!