Taurus: Career & Finance

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4/20 - 5/20
Week starting from February 23  

Weekly Career

You may not agree with a certain party as the week begins, but question them about their plan or idea, rather than just rejecting it. Around Wednesday and Thursday a different point of view can suddenly start to make a lot of sense -- or at least you can find aspects of it to incorporate, making everyone feel like a contributing member of the team. Don't forget to give appropriate props. On Friday or Saturday, don't get mad or get even; look for the high ground and find a way to build relationships. And on Sunday, a piece of good advice or a hot tip comes your way.

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This is a good day to freshen up those goals. First, map out the big ones, then take steps toward them. For now pick out an objective that's reasonable and work on meeting it. It really can be that simple.



You are feeling emotionally stable in a way that feels really good -- and different from how you've felt for the past few weeks or even longer. Move forward in the direction you've been meaning to go.



You may be bitten by the travel bug, and it's a passion you should cater to today. If you can't get out of the country, get out into the county. Roadside cafes that specialize in fresh BBQ will serve up a hot plate of pure deliciousness, with a side of potato salad.



Impose limits on your style pursuits -- you'll be glad you did. Give yourself a budget before setting foot in any stores and cut off your primping at an appointed time so you don't waste the whole day on hair and makeup.