Taurus: Career & Finance

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4/20 - 5/20
Week starting from March 9  

Weekly Career

Of course, you're not going to disregard the facts and figures, but you've got a sixth sense as the week gets going that can complete the picture and help you choose next steps. (And knowing you, your intuition's based on experience and an excellent sense of your field as a whole, too -- it's not just hocus-pocus.) Then while you might be loath to yield anything starting Thursday, letting go can be the smartest move you'll make all week. Think what you'll do with the freed-up time or headspace! And make this weekend about downtime and your personal life. Have some fun!

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What looks like a same old, same old day turns quite promising. The routine proves far less boring than you anticipated. And some unexpected guests provide an opportunity to skip a few chores while you show off the tyke's latest accomplishment.



Today is all about you! (Well, and also a little about the United States Treasury.) You need to spend some of the day on your own issues, even if it's packed with other activities. Make the time.



It doesn't take much to turn the uninspired into something exciting and vibrant. It's even easier for someone who truly loves simple pleasures, such as yourself. A fresh-baked baguette with honey and butter is better than a chocolate cake.



You're getting an extra dose of social awareness now, so be sure to put it to good use. Start organizing a clothing drive for your office, for example, or resolve to stop using products that aren't recyclable or good for the environment.