Taurus: Career & Finance

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4/20 - 5/20
Week starting from July 27  

Weekly Career

Work has you thinking about the farthest destinations of the globe. Even if you're stuck at your desk, your mind is elsewhere. (Although maybe it's time to do something about that? You could use a trip.) Weirdness defines your workdays on Tuesday and Wednesday -- a couple of your coworkers have gone absolutely batty -- but don't let it get to you. And don't let yourself be sucked into the hysterics of a power struggle. You have more meaningful fish to fry. Let your friends know what's bugging you on Thursday, and on Friday you'll come to work armed with several business solutions.

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You have more in common with folks around the school or day care than you think. Attend a meeting and hear them out. You may not come up with an action plan right away, but at least the ball's rolling!



Your social connections make life more vibrant -- and less treacherous -- on a day like today. It's easier than ever for you to see through to the heart of the matter when you're dealing with emotions.



Your moods will run deep today, but you don't have to sequester yourself to deal with them. The company of friends will cheer you up, especially when they take you to a boisterous El Salvadorian restaurant. There's nothing like a pupusa to cheer you right up!



High heels are great for special occasions -- but, if you wear 'em every day, you're bound to experience physical pain. Think about all the pressure on your back, not to mention your legs! Find cute but comfy flats instead. You'll be glad you preserved your posture.