Taurus: Career & Finance

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4/20 - 5/20
Week starting from November 9  

Weekly Career

Downplay your own ambitions and goals, and be on board and contribute to the team as the week begins. Note that this doesn't preclude innovation -- in fact, your biggest-picture idea may be implemented with alacrity now. Be aware of your own assumptions and thought processes around Wednesday and Thursday. Questioning closely -- perhaps with the help of another pair of eyes -- makes for work that's orders of magnitude better. Speaking of better, you're pretty much at your best on Friday and over the weekend. Don't expend all your great energy on work!

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Taking a risk is tempting -- but resist. This advice goes double when it comes to telling off the boss or some rude person. Try taking smaller risks, such as daring your kiddo to eat the peas that have touched the carrots.



You may surprise someone with the depth of your emotions today -- but that's not a bad thing at all! It may be a milestone of sorts, and it certainly marks a turning point of some kind.



Insecurities may have you wanting to be the center of attention today, but life is not a popularity contest, and your attempts to be the class clown won't feel satisfying. Instead, go out for a good meal and take a walk somewhere peaceful, or make dinner plans with a good friend.



Do whatever you can to slow down this frantic day. Cancel that lunch-hour hair appointment so you won't be rushing around all afternoon, for example, or wear cozy clothes that make you want to stay in and nest.