Taurus: Love & Relationships

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4/20 - 5/20
Week starting from February 23  

Weekly Love

You can charm them as the week begins, but are they really charming you? Make an assessment that goes beyond surface level when it comes to romance on Monday and Tuesday. An intuitive friend's take on a certain situation is revealing around Wednesday and Thursday, and your own instincts are very much worth further exploration as well. What's your gut saying? Compare notes with your heart. This weekend, something (or someone) unique or unusual may initially weird you out, but give it (or them) a chance. There's a clue here.

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Stuck in a deadly dull work routine? You'll find -- or create -- many bright spots today. You might even make a long-term improvement to the schedule. Later, initiate a tryst with your partner after lights-out.



An intense wave of longing or happiness comes over you today, and you should feel drawn to someone or something new. It's not the most comfortable feeling, but it is a step in the right direction nonetheless.



Colorful diet, colorful life? Well, maybe that's a little far-fetched, but why not give it a shot? A vibrantly orange bell pepper, a bright green avocado, emerald-colored spinach, ruby-colored dried cranberries -- that's not a salad, it's a feast for the senses.



If you've been putting off anything, such as making amends or getting in touch with someone special, today's the day to do it. Join others once you've taken the time to tie up loose ends.