Taurus: Love & Relationships

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4/20 - 5/20

2013: Taurus Love


Get ready for serious lessons in the world of relationships this year, Taurus. You are loyal and committed by nature, so you'll welcome this deep phase of working diligently to take your partnerships to a whole new level of intimacy. You may have to confront some fears and blocks along the way as Saturn puts your relationships through the ringer (pun intended) in order to show you what you will and will not tolerate from others. Boundaries in love become a key theme, and you will surely have the backing and thus backbone of Saturn to stand your ground when negotiating the terms of your relationship. You're known to give more than you receive but Saturn will no longer allow you to undervalue yourself in relationships, Taurus.

You are finally learning to see and own your true value, Taurus and this will transform the quality of your love life like nothing else. You'll no longer settle for lovers or partners that do not honor, cherish and celebrate your essence. No longer will you cling to relationships for the emotional security if the other person does not truly step up to the plate and treat you the way you deserve to be treated. You have come too far and put too much investment in becoming the best Bull you can be to allow others to undermine you or worse, take you for granted.

If you've been on the fence about whether to hang in there and give it another try or finally make your exit out of an existing love affair, Saturn will give you the clarity and backbone to make the final cut if need be. You can think with your head and your heart for a change, allowing you to make healthier choices in love. If you decide to stick with it and go the long haul, you'll also have Saturn's strength to perservere and push through any obstacles.

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