Taurus Horoscope

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4/20 - 5/20
Week starting from March 30  

Weekly Overview

Approaching an issue with creativity gets much better results than going with the default option on Monday -- it's time well spent, not wasted. And while your best days for romance this week may be Tuesday and Wednesday (aren't you sexy!), your energy around Thursday isn't too shabby either. Hint: Share how you're feeling, but keep the plans short term. Let the heavy stuff take care of itself rather than getting ahead of yourself -- all in good time! When the weekend comes, you just might have a revelation about how to handle a certain situation. Call it a gift from the stars.

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It's a good day to help the tyke learn about new cultures. Maybe their new day care buddy comes from somewhere with a different approach to play time. Encourage them to embrace it!



Your financial acumen is sharper than ever now, and you may find that your energy is best spent on budgeting and other mundane matters. Take care of it now so you don't have to stress out later!



It pays to double-check the details today. Sure, that restaurant says their entree is vegetarian, but ask what kind of stock they use -- is it vegetable-based or chicken? And what exactly does locally sourced mean to a certain shifty food vendor?



Join a group! It could be a knitting circle or a regular meeting of avid-jewelry makers. It might be a marathon-training team or a casual group of pick-up volleyball players. It doesn't matter what you decide -- just join the fun.