Virgo: Career & Finance

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8/23 - 9/22

Monthly Career

You know how there are those days at work that are just great? And there are those days at work that just go splat? Well, the 1st and 2nd could be one kind or the other. Which kind is totally up to you. So instead of just letting the days go splat, make your best effort and you're likely to see them soar. Wheeeeee! Get organized for absolutely best results on the 5th. You'll have a whole series of really, really wonderful pieces of news and very happy developments to contend with at work on the 8th, 9th and 10th. Sit back with a glass of fresh squeezed juice and congratulate yourself on having worked out so many wonderful plans! If you're feeling frustrated about how long it's taking to get your communications going on a project on the 15th and 16th, then think of a baking analogy: There is just no way to speed up baking a cake, if you want the cake to turn out well. So be patient. Everything changes, and the better you can embrace that, the more successful you'll be on the 19th and 20th. Don't be too nice on the 25th. Get organized on the 31st.

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Show your baby a new way of organizing their stuff today. Such as their favorite toys and games on the shelf, clothes in the closet and least favorite stuff under the crib. It just might sink in this time.



You should find that the day seems to work out better for you if you try to make small changes in the way you do things. It's not that hard, and it shouldn't shake up your world too much.



Go crazy today and mix up your regular routine. This may initially disorient you, but you'll soon welcome the change. Things could get quite kooky, but go with it. Who says you can't have French toast and bacon for dinner? Stranger things have happened.



Think about your lifestyle before you agree to a beauty process. If you swim every day or are about to go on a three-month trip around the world, do you really want to get extensive, dramatic highlights? Maybe not.